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Advisory Base Flood Elevations in Texas

To help property owners in Hays, Caldwell, and Guadalupe Counties make informed rebuilding decisions after recent flooding, FEMA has released Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs).

These ABFE maps can be viewed in an online map application that compares the current effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps to the Advisory Base Flood Elevation Map at:

ABFEs provide an updated analysis of the true 1 percent annual chance flood hazard elevations in these areas, and are essential to understanding how communities can recover and rebuild in ways that will make them more resilient to future flood events.

Property owners are strongly encouraged to build, elevate, or rebuild to at least the ABFEs, even if your community does not regulate building elevations to the ABFEs or adopt them as the standard. Not only will this reduce your risk of damage from future flooding, it could also reduce what you pay for insurance…now and in the future.

Your current flood insurance premium will not increase due to the ABFEs. Your flood insurance premium is based on the elevation of the lowest floor of your structure and the current, effective flood map’s BFE for your property. However there is an opportunity to invest now and save later.